Strictly Cochrane: a quickstep around research and systematic reviews

Format: 2-17 Don’t confuse “no evidence” with “no effect”
Language/s: 3-4 - How certain is the evidence?
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Short Description:

An interactive resource explaining how systematic and non-systematic reviews differ, and the importance of keeping reviews up to date.

Key Concepts addressed:


This interactive resource takes you on a tour around a systematic review, explaining the difference between systematic and non-systematic reviews, and the importance of keeping reviews up to date. You’ll be introduced to some commonly used research methods, such as meta-analysis and reporting findings using forest plots. You’ll also find out how research can sometimes be biased and how to judge whether what you read is trustworthy.

After using this resource, you should be able to:

  • Recognise publication bias and Cochrane’s activity in addressing this
  • Explain the purpose of a meta-analysis
  • Identify a forest plot

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