Science Weekly Podcast – Ben Goldacre

Format: 3.0 - The play of chance (D)
Language/s: 3-4 - How certain is the evidence?
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A 1-hour audio interview with Ben Goldacre discussing misleading claims about research.

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An audio interview with Ben Goldacre who discusses misleading claims about research.

Alok Jha speaks at length with Ben Goldacre about his investigation into the pharmaceuticals industry and its implications for the future of evidence-based medicine

Goldacre’s new book Bad Pharma is a forensic investigation into how the pharmaceutical industry – which invests millions in the high-stakes process of drug development and clinical trials – ensures its products reach the market.

Goldacre discusses the central thesis of Bad Pharma, that drug development and evidence-based medical research are not working for the benefit of patients and may even be endangering lives.

Goldacre also explains why he thinks there is a need for more transparency in the patient-doctor relationship and why science journals and regulatory authorities need to rethink the evidence threshold and seek full and open disclosure of both positive and negative drug trials.

Length 1h:2m:34s

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